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My experience with Mr Allardice has been first class since my very first consultation. Everything was handled in a very professional yet personable way and I felt completely comfortable throughout the process. Thank you Mr Allardice!

I would 100% recommend Mr Garth Allardice. He was my consultant for a Hallux valgus correction/bunion removal. From my first to last consultation he treated me so brilliantly with so much care and attention, answering all my questions and concerns from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble. Garth explained everything so clearly and also made me very aware of the dangers of having this operation, especially during Covid times. I felt very comfortable and had total trust in his ability and his amazing team. He listened and understood how much I wanted to be able to enjoy the great outdoors again. 10 weeks on, I am totally pain free and it won’t be long before I’ll be back to doing my long walks again. He is an outstanding consultant and I will always be extremely grateful to him.

He’s been ace in listening to my concerns and guiding me with an effective treatment plan.

An extremely knowledgeable expert who took the time to explain clearly my injury, the prescribed treatment and route to recovery. Mr Allardice was empathetic and managed my expectations well. I have full confidence that he was the right person for the job.

I have attended Mr Allardice's clinic, at the Clementine Churchill Hospital and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the second and third tarsometatarsal joints in the right foot. It was restricting my walking due to the pain, especially family outings, and I was putting on weight, with little exercise.

Mr Allardice was very informative and positive in his approach. He showed me on screen, the problem and explained what could be done to help me. He assured me that I would benefit from having a intra-articular injection under general X-ray control in theatre.

My short stay in the Clementine was excellent. I am a very nervous person and I received such kindness and reassurance from Mr Allardice and his team.

I now have a 50% improvement of my symptoms and am managing my activity level and pain very well. Mr Allardice has assured me that in time, if I need further assistance he would see me again.
~ Mrs P Scanlon

I was a patient of Mr Allardice in 2018. He operated to correct a bunion and a second hammer toe on my left foot. At the initial consultation Mr Allardice clearly explained the procedure as well as any complications and invited questions to which his answers were very reassuring. The operation was successful and I was pleased that subsequently l experienced little pain during recovery.

Following several follow-up appointments and, only when Mr Allardice was completely satisfied with the resutt was I discharged. I have no reservations in recommending Mr Allardice. He is a skilled and dedicated orthopaedic surgeon.

I should like to thank you once again for your care. It is so good to be able to wear smart shoes and experience no discomfort.
~ P Midgley.

I cannot speak highly enough of the skill and expertise of Mr Allardice. I have been under his care since 2013, initially with severe bilateral hind foot and mid foot arthritis in my left foot, for which I underwent a triple fusion. This was followed by a hind foot and mid foot fusion of my right foot in January 215. I then developed severe arthritis in my right ankle, leading to the collapse of the lateral part of the talus. As the ankle was significantly deformed and painful, I underwent a reconstructed fusion, with bone grafting in 2017. Each procedure has been a great success and I am delighted that I am pain free and mobile again. In carrying out each operation, Mr Allardice had clearly considered carefully how to proceed, and at each pre-operative and post-operative consultation he spent time using the x-rays on screen to explain to me, in detail, how he was going to operate, and again the outcome post-operatively. He is caring and reassuring at all times, and I would highly recommend him as an orthopaedic surgeon of note.
~ K Mathew.

“It was a real pleasure being treated by Mr Allardice for my torn achilles. Our consultations were relaxed. Mr Allardice explained clearly where I was on the road to recovery. He took the necessary time to make me feel comfortable and confident I was in safe hands. His ankle expertise meant that I avoided the need for surgery. I am now back to normal and walking again with no limp. It is my pleasure to recommend Garth. Thank you very much for looking after me, Satinder.”
~ S Jandu.

"After over a year with pain in my ankle that prevented me from playing sport and participating in geology field trips, I was recommended by a consultant friend to see Mr Garth Allardice at the Clementine Churchill. The professional service I have received since then has been exemplary. Mr Allardice sent me for several scans and immediately diagnosed that I had fractured the calcaneus bone in my foot. This had not been picked up at the initial x-rays, carried out by the NHS, when I originally sustained the injury. He discussed the various options open to me in a direct but courteous manner, so that I could fully understand the problem. It was an unusual type of break that, with the ligament still attached to the bone and pulling it away every time I walked, was unlikely to heal, with just rest and immobilisation. I selected the surgery option, which required removing the small fragment of broken bone and re-attaching the ligament to the remaining bone. This can be a challenging procedure, but my confidence in Mr Allardice’s capability was fully rewarded. The procedure has been a complete success. Eight weeks after the operation and with the associated physiotherapy, my foot feels back to normal again. I have no pain and am contemplating playing rugby once again. This was my first experience of hospital and operations, and I can say that Mr Allardice and his team were professional and friendly, putting me at complete ease before the operation. As a bonus, the scarring from the operation has almost disappeared, after using the cream he recommended. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Allardice to anyone with an injury to their foot or ankle."
~ W Jewell.

"I had suffered with my ankle for about three years and after a visit to my GP he recommended an appointment with Mr Garth Allardice an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Mr Allardice recommended that I had an arthroscopic right ankle fusion. This operation was performed on the 17th November 2016. After surgery I made excellent progress and I did not experience any pain and I am now back to playing golf several times a week, have been walking and hiking in Cornwall and regularly walk my dog. Seven months after the surgery I am still not experiencing any stiffness of the ankle joint or any pain. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Mr Garth Allardice".
~ D Sills.

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